RxFIBER’s new RxFIBRON HT (US Pat. 10,835,645) High-Tenacity PET Revolutionizes Medical Devices

The next generation in medical-grade fibers, RxFibron HT (US Pat. 10,835,645) is the first medical-grade PET to exhibit high-tenacity properties without compromising strength for developing low-profile devices.

Windsor, CA
- RxFiber, the first manufacturer dedicated solely to engineering medical-grade fibers for the medical device industry, has developed and commercially released its latest product, RxFibron HT (US Pat. 10,835,645), a high-tenacity PET (Polyester) biomaterial for medical device applications. As an innovative alternative to UHMWPE and regular Polyester, RxFibron HT (US Pat. 10,835,645) features several advantages over current market PETs including durability, high strength, thermal melt properties for ease of manufacturing, and custom size variations suitable for creating lower-profile devices.


The revolutionary RxFibron HT (US Pat. 10,835,645)is the first commercially available high-tenacity, medical-grade PET biomaterial that can be used to create next-generation implantable devices, such as sutures, composites, and more for applications such as endovascular, vascular, and orthopedics.


"Engineers will have the ability to develop lower-profile devices while maintaining the strength and integrity of the device," says Robert Torgerson, Founder and President of RxFiber and leading expert in biomaterial medical device design. "In lieu of UHMWPE, RxFibron HT (US Pat. 10,835,645) can meet the criteria of having substantial strength, biocompatibility, lower profile (smaller denier yarn), and custom size fibers. High-tenacity PET fibers are a substantial upgrade from regular Polyester and will yield innovative, next-generation products."


With a tenacity of greater than 6.5, RxFibron HT (US Pat. 10,835,645) is more than double the strength of regular PET found in current devices on the market, which allows device manufacturers to reduce device thickness in fabric or structure while maintaining strength and flexibility by using RxFibron HT's smaller denier yarn.


"Physicians are looking for smaller and smaller delivery systems to deliver the device in a transcatheter application which mitigates trauma to the patient," says Martin W. King, PhD, Professor of Biotextiles & Textile Technology, North Carolina State University. "RxFibron HT (US Pat. 10,835,645) is the first commercially released product of its kind to deliver this lower-profile product potential."


To meet the criteria of medical device companies, RxFibron HT (US Pat. 10,835,645) is custom-made with traceable quality systems to meet the specifications of next-generation, lower-profile devices.


RxFiber is hosting a webinar on Thursday, October 24, 2013 at 10:30 am PDT, Next Gen Biomaterials: Creating lower profiles devices using high-tenacity PET and alternatives to UHMWPE and regular Polyester.


About RxFiber, LLC

RxFiber manufactures a wide variety of next-generation, high-quality, innovative and custom-designed medical-grade yarn and fiber solutions. As the leading expert in producing multifilament fine denier, high-tenacity fibers with both absorbable and non-absorbable qualities, RxFiber works with customers' medical device needs to provide textile solutions that best match the specifications required to produce reliable and verifiable products. The company develops custom yarns and can replace aging yarn inventory with quality yarn in smaller quantities that meet production specifications. RxFiber also provides small custom fiber runs that can be fully integrated with product specifications and can coordinate and consult on the testing and conversion process. RxFiber's technical experts can also consult on weaving, knitting and braiding solutions that are best aligned with the device specifications. For more information or to request a sample, call 866.308.6025 or visit

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